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We’ve moved!
The Tahoma Clinic and Dispensary are now at:
6839 Fort Dent Way, Tukwila, WA


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The Tahoma Clinic emphasizes the use of natural materials and natural energies for both the prevention and treatment of all health problems not requiring surgical intervention.

Our file of more than 45,000 medical journal articles and 35 years of experience have taught us that a large number of symptoms and conditions unresponsive to conventional treatment–or only suppressed by patent medications–will yield to the application of Nature’s remedies. This includes (but isn’t limited to) diet and dietary components such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and metabolites found in the human body, bioidentical hormones, botanicals, homeopathics, ultraviolet, infrared and magnetic energies, as well as physical exercise.

Our approach includes a full health evaluation, working to normalize body biochemistry and energies by natural means. Nutrition and individual nutrients are assessed for optimal amounts for you, with progress measured as appropriate. Digestion, assimilation, metabolism, nutrient deficiencies and excesses, allergies and toxicities, and hormone balance are all considered.

Your Tahoma Clinic physician will set up a personalized treatment program for you, taking into consideration any health problems you may already have while working to help prevent future health problems as possible.

Tahoma Clinic is located in just outside Seattle, Washington and only 15 minutes from Sea-Tac airport. Please contact us about scheduling a New Patient Appointment. We look forward to contributing to your good health!

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